Messages for Student Summit

Claude Siegenthaler

Claude Siegenthaler Prof. Dr. Claude Patrick Siegenthaler is a professor of ecology and business at the Hosei University, Japan. He has a doctor in economics and has worked as an environmental consultant for more than ten years.
The focal point of his research is the emergence of environmentally conscious business practices and the "greening" of markets. His research and teaching is dedicated to grow skills required to make companies more sustainable by seeking profits for people and the planet. Major subjects are business strategy, management systems (EMS), environmental accounting for products (LCA) and organisations (EPE/EA) as well as corporate reporting (ER/CSR) and rating (SRI).

His message to students of the world

"the key is in our heart and spirit"

There is no doubt that Sustainability is THE challenge for the generations just arrived and the generations to come. As we have to realise, Sustainability can not be fabricated by mere technological measures; the key is in our heart and spirit. Responsibility and entrepreneurship will drive sustainability forward.

Uniting academic change agents from all across the globe, this summit will make a true difference.

Prof. Dr. Claude Patrick Siegenthaler
December 1, 2006