Seeds for Sustainability

What is "Seeds for Sustainability"?


"Seeds for Sustainability" is an on-line platform for young people striving for sustainability to exchange ideas on how to take actions. We will gather the examples of characteristic activities or social system changes taken in all over the world. Some of the "Seeds" will be used as the materials for our parallel discussion on Day 2 or 4.

Definition of "Seeds"

The actions taken for realising Sustainable Future

The purpose of collecting SfS

*To pick up or refer to some Seeds as the theme of panel discussion in the Summit

*Moreover, Bigger Goal of SfS is...
・To give wider publicity to SfS so to become the Global Social Capital in the future
・To extract (or abstract) practical lessons from it.

The numeric target of SfS by the Summit is 300!!

We are about to release those submitted SfS to the public, so anyone could see them anytime.

We are always welcome to accept Seeds from students, even from someone who will not be going to join the Summit.
(Those of you, who aren't the participant will soon be able to get the ID too.You can at least download the questionnair of 'Seeds for Sustainability' now.)

"Seeds for Sustainability" Submission form