Messages for Student Summit

Kikujiro Namba

Kikujiro Namba Executive Board Member of Earthwatch Japan

His message to students of the world

"Place importance on spiritual wealth rather than material wealth"

2.Thoughts for sustainable future
In 1972, the Club of Rome (a research and advocacy group of intellectuals, established in Rome in 1968) published a report entitled "Limits to Growth". The broad message was that there are limits to the availability of natural resources on earth and that if humanity takes no measures to contain population growth and continues the pursuit of wealth and economic growth, natural resources commencing with fossil fuels will be depleted. Hence humanity will face a catastrophic situation.

The report was epoch-making as it first set out historical examples of the finite nature of natural resources and then demonstrated future risks and limits. It gave a deep shock to the world public. It demonstrated scientifically that, if humanity should continue on its path of intensive consumption of natural resources and energy, the future of humanity will not necessarily be sustainable.

For the long-term survival of human society, which is totally dependent on the global environment, it is absolutely imperative to conduct our daily activities to an environmentally-friendly manner such as energy saving, reduction of CO2 emission, and the recycling of resources and wastes. And in parallel, it is also essential to study the factors causing the environmental degradation so as to resolve the negative factors in a positive manner

3.Message to students
We are now at a crucial time in what we should change our living activities into a sustainable way. It is therefore indispensable for us to comprehend the actual state of environmental change. However, in the case where large amounts of second hand information are presented one after another, one drowns in a deluge of information, leading to the possibility of losing sight of sound judgment. Besides, without one's own experience, it is very difficult to nurture the deep sense of environmental matter.

As one of relief activities for threatened biosphere, Earthwatch (an international non-profit organization, established in 1971 in Boston, U.S.A.) engages citizens in general in scientific field research related to nature conservation and other disciplines, and is committed to promoting the global understanding and action necessary for a sustainable future.

The conservation of natural environment is too vital to be left in the hands of government alone. In the future, citizens, especially young generation, have to encourage activities with an eye to global environmental conservation and the reform of society, and to carry on this kind of movement to assure the preservation of the vulnerable biosphere.

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Kikujiro Namba, "The Introduction of e-DNA into Companies"