Messages for Student Summit

Hideyuki Horii

Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo

His message to students of the world

Concept of Sociotechnology: Combination of science and technology with social systems.

2.Thoughts for sustainable future
Science and technology is absolutely necessary to materialize sustainable society.

However, science and technology alone cannot resolve societal issues.

Sociotechnology stands for a system of technologies in a broad sense including not only engineering technologies but also legal and economic systems, social norms, and so on.

To develop a sociotechnology for sustainable society, it is necessary to establish a methodology for designing sociotechnologies. The methodology includes methods of problem analysis to identify essential point of the problem, invention of measures, and influence analysis and evaluation of the measures.

The essential function of the sociotechnology for sustainable society is to change people's perception and attitude, and to enhance actions toward sustainable society. The utilization of science and technology is a key factor to develop innovative sociotechnologies for sustainable society.

3.Message to students
Sustainability requires change in people's perception and attitude. The value of sustainability must inhere in human nature. It requires a long time and efforts must be continued from generation to generation. Younger generation has higher responsibility for the future and, accordingly, stronger right to speak.

It is highly appreciated for students from different countries to collaborate and to take actions toward sustainability. The action itself is the best method for the value of sustainability to be inherent in those who take the action.

The next generation follows the last generation. The next generation are influenced and educated by the last generation.

Materialization of sustainability requires innovative ideas. Innovative ideas require youthfulness and interchange of people with different ideas. There are a lot of good reasons to expect epoch-making progress from this student summit for sustainability.