Messages for Student Summit

Keisuke Hanaki

Keisuke Hanaki Professor, Integrated Research System of Sustainability Sciences (IR3S) as well as Department of Urban Engineering, the University of Tokyo

His message to students of the world

Sustainability is a really key concept that must be realized for survival of whole biosphere. Everybody agrees with this concept, but realization of sustainable society needs change of society. The change includes wide range of social and technological aspects. No single person, single country or single academic discipline nor can be enough to realize the change. However, on the other hand, each person, each country and each academic discipline needs to incorporate the concept of sustainability. This needs steady endeavors for long period of time, whereas current global change cannot wait for long period. Students, especially world student community, are the most possible and powerful leader of initiative toward sustainability. Your contribution is essential for your generation, next generation as well as whole ecosystem of this planet.