Messages for Student Summit

Koyu Furusawa

Dept of Socio-Economic Networking, Faculty of Economics at Kokugakuin University, Tokyo, JAPAN
Chief Executive of JACSES:Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society

His message to students of the world

Sustainable development is seeking for the harmonious balance among Economical development, Environmental adjustment and Social justice.

In the future, our values will shift from the pursuit of materialistic satisfaction to more profound concern with matters of the human spirit. Metaphorically speaking, the quality of art is enhanced by a full, enriched spirit rather than by an increase in energy and resources.
Human development will not continue unless we abandon our fetish with materialism and egoistic economy.
On the contrary it will promise us a sustainable enriched civilization and a symbiotic society when we will be emancipated from a materialistic and egocentric way of living and create common sharing society in harmony with the every human being and nature on the Earth.

Let's start and realize a sustainable environment and civilization all around the world through broad participation and cooperation of citizens and professionals.