Procedures for Financial Support

Thank you for applying for the Student Summit for Sustainability!
We are happy and honoured to have attracted more than 140 people. We sincerely wish to meet and learn with as many of you as possible in Japan.

But there is a problem!!!
Unfortunately, we are unable to answer all of your requests for financial support. Our financial state is very tough. Therefore we ask of you the following procedures.

1. Questionnaire

To avoid any bias and ensure a fair selection, we ask of all applicants asking for financial support to meet the following criteria.

(1) Send a copy of your Student Identification Card (School ID)… either by Fax, PDF file or by post
(2) Send in your answers to our questionnaire (Download) (*1)

(*1) Input your answer directly in this file and send it to the following E-mail address.

E-mail address:
Fax number: +81-3-5841-2303
Postal Address:

AM2007 Executive Committee
University of Tokyo AGS Promotion Room
Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033, JAPAN


12 December, 2006
Applicants unable to meet this deadline may be disqualified for financial support but will still be eligible for non-financed entries.

About the Selection

The selection will be done based on the Seeds and the questionnaire. Balance of regions and disciplines will also be considered.
We will be offering financial support to students whom we feel either has many things to contribute to the Summit or can contribute a lot to their society after this Summit.

Unfortunately, the number of students selected for financial support WILL be limited.
To help as many students as possible, the registration fee will be the main form of support offered. A few students with outstanding Seeds will be offered support for transportation.

To avoid any bias and provide a fair selection we will organise a selection committee with the help of our fellow student communities of the WSC-SD around the world. Each entry will be viewed by two different communities.

2. Letters of Invitation

We also ask you to appeal to YOUR university for financial support!
As the concept of sustainability cannot be argued without issues of diversity and regional characteristics, values, and culture, we wish to bring together a diverse group of students. To make this come true, we are in sore need of your help.
As we sincerely wish to meet everyone in Japan, we ask of your help to make this come true!!

Please let us know if you can ask your university for support. We will send letters of invitation and a project outline.
(If your university requests an official letter, we will also try to get an official letter of invitation from the University of Tokyo.)