Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the objective of this Summit?

(A1) The concept of this "Student Summit for Sustainability" is to create a platform to help and connect students who are starting to take action for sustainable future. Students from all over the world will meet together, to share what activities, actions, or research they have been promoting. Through this summit, we hope to create a strong synergy between the students. Not only that, but our ultimate goal is to contribute to the many students in the world who face similar problems. This will be realised by extracting the essences of what make such actions successful, or how to overcome common obstacles; and these will be put online as a database to help future actions, especially by young people.

Q2: What are the "Seeds"?

(A2) The "Seeds" point to descriptions of an action, activity, or research that promotes sustainability in some way.
They may be about environmental matters (e.g. fighting against deforestation, recapturing CO2 etc), economical matters (e.g. sustainable development in developing countries, free trade etc), or others (e.g. sustainability and education, consumption etc).
Not only actions you yourself have promoted, but reports of other actors (government, NGO, NPO etc) are accepted.
Make sure that your seeds are efforts that have already taken place, since the purpose of "Seeds for Sustainability" is to extract lessons from them as explained above.

Q3: How will be the "Seeds" used in the conference?

(A3) All the "Seeds" which have been submitted by the participants will be presented as posters by the member of UTSC during the summit. Also, there is possibility to be used as a topic for the work shops or discussions.

Q4: Can I submit the same "Seed" with others?

(A4) If you already know that the content is same before submitting, please try to report another one.

Q5: How many "Seeds" can I send?

(A5) We have no limitation for it, so you can send several "Seeds".

Q6: When is the deadline for the "Seeds"?

(A6) For those who require the financial support: November 30th
Others: December 20th
Please be punctual!!

Q7: How can I get the financial support?

(A7) There are two steps for the selection of the candidates, and the candidates will be requested to submit other documents after the due of the "Seeds".
Also we expect the students from the universities of Student Community to get scholarship from their own institutes or university.
Please be reminded that the aim of the financial supports is to offer the active participations of the students especially from developing countries.
(Procedures for financial support)

Q8: I don't know my ID... How can I get it?

(A8) We have already given ID, but if you can't find it out, please contact us. The "Seeds" from the people who won't participate are also welcomed. For those friends, we are preparing the system to give ID. Feel free to contact us about it, too!