Call for Participants

Student Summit for Sustainability

World Student Community for Sustainable Development
Annual Meeting 2007
"Taking Action for Global Sustainability"
Tokyo, 5-9 March 2007


It will be 20 years in 2007 since the publication of "Our Common Future," in which the definition of the word "sustainable development" (SD) was presented. Since then, the discussions on "sustainability" have gradually changed and progressed, but the situation has only worsened. The need for immediate action toward SD from various fields has only intensified. One of the major gaps in confronting issues internationally and locally is lack of sufficient academic and international network and communication.

Facing this reality, students who are close to academic research and community, hold some key roles in activating this needed network. Understanding our responsibilities as future leaders and decision makers, students can bring bright hopes in connecting currently still sectored actors.

The World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSC-SD) was established in 2001 to sensitise students from various origins and academic backgrounds on issues pertaining to sustainability, and motivate them to take action at their universities and larger communities. In our upcoming annual meeting, we propose to call it the "Student Summit for Sustainability"(to be abbreviated as "Student Summit"), to clarify the positioning of annual meeting and our role as students to the society. The main title of the Student Summit is "Taking Action for Global Sustainability", and it is aimed to encourage communication, collaboration, value creation and vision through sharing ideas, friendship and wills among students.

Meeting Format and Contents

Student Summit for Sustainability will assume the format of an academic conference with a maximum of 100 participants, lodging together for 5 days. This meeting will consist of parallel discussions, based on "Seeds for Sustainability" (explained below), a fieldwork and interactive activities for SD. The topics for the parallel discussions will be proposed and debated upon by participants, and consequently, will be published in advance via the internet; especially on the web forum called "Seeds for Sustainability." All of the meetings will be held in English.
The additional events(*1) will be organised before and after the Student Summit.


5 March

Opening Session

Ice Breaking
Project Introduction
Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speech


6 March

Student Work

Parallel Discussion
Culture Night


7 March




8 March

Student Work

Parallel Discussion
Culture Night


9 March

Closing Session

Project Award
Closing Ceremony

(*1) Participants can also attend the following events. (Voluntary)
Reception Party : 4 March
After Party : 10 March

Requirements for Participation

Participants should be:
- Members of the student communities affiliated to WSC-SD
- Researchers in fields related to global sustainability
- Individuals with a desire to take action for sustainability
Please note that the selections will consider participants from variety of nationalities and fields of study to achieve diverse perspectives at the seminar.

Participants should submit the followings to our web-site in order to apply for the Student Summit.
1. Application Form: CLOSED
2. Seeds for Sustainability (*2)

(*2) "Seeds for Sustainability" (Required)

"Seeds for Sustainability" is an on-line platform for young people striving for sustainability to exchange ideas, information on how to take actions. It is aimed to create social capital where we all can access and use as a resource. This project will be launched prior to the Student Summit, and will be used as the media for the participants to develop their arguments.
As preparations for the Student Summit, we will especially call for ideas in the following categories;

A. The actions you have organised, promoted, or got involved.
B. The research that will contribute for sustainability
C. Business, enterprise
D. Citizen group
E. Government

Participants will be asked to submit at least one abstract in the format suggested on the web page ( prior to your full paper. (see below for the deadlines) At the Student Summit, group discussion and Work Shops will be held based on the papers and the argument following, to extract innovative ideas to overcome obstacles toward global sustainability.
We also welcome the papers from the students who are unfortunately unable to attend the Student Summit.

Each project, or idea, must be related to global sustainability, be practical, and possess the potential to impact society positively. It is hoped that participants will be inspired and motivated by one another's projects and concepts.

Participants wishing to participate in the Student Summit will need to submit a synopsis of their projects or research to Seeds for Sustainability. The submission may originate from the participant or may focus on productive activities or research work carried out in his/her country of origin. Following the initial submission, feedback will be given to participants via open discussions on the web. During the Student Summit, the parallel discussion will be based on the cases from the Seeds for Sustainability.

Registration Fee (Tentative)

About 50,000 JPY
- Registration fee will cover your accommodation, feeding and transportation during Student Summit (*).
(*) From 5th March to 9th (4 nights and 5 days)
- Financial assistance may be available for a very limited number of participants.

Submission Procedure

Publication of application form

22 October

Application form deadline (*1)

14 November

Posting on Seeds for Sustainability deadline (*2)

30 November

Notification of acceptance

Late in December

Publication of registration form

Early in January

(*1) Completed application forms will be reviewed by the AM 2007 Executive Committee and the WSC-SD Executive Board.
(*2) We welcome the posting from the students at any time who are unfortunately unable to attend the Student Summit.


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