About this meeting

Student Summit for Sustainability
(WSC-SD Annual Meeting 2007)

Student Summit for Sustainability is an international conference for students, where the future leaders from different countries or specialities will exchange their opinions, share the concept of global sustainability, and propose their new actions aiming at the creation of a sustainable future.

Taking Action for Global Sustainability

The theme of our Student Summit is:
"Taking Action for Global Sustainability."
Student Summit will provide a chance to notice the importance of "linking," in order to expand our activities.

1. Linking person to person

Student Summit will accept participants from various nations, who are much concerned with "sustainability." It must be a stimulating and precious experience to communicate or cooperate with one another in this meeting.

2. Linking research to society

We can notice the possibility of our social commitment through our most advanced researches, and will propose not only the significance of researches but also their roles in the society.

3. Linking activity to society

Student Summit will provide the opportunity of presentations about social activities of each student community, followed by the evaluation process to polish up these activities in terms of the needs of society.

For holding "Student Summit for Sustainability (SSS)"

AGS University of Tokyo Student Community (UTSC) organises

General Affair Division and 5 divisions:
Finance Division, Public Relations Division, Design Division, Logistics Division, and Content Division.
Each division has one or two chiefs and some members.
Tasks each division covers are shown below:

*Finance Division:
Sponsors (funds and goods)
After party
Reception party
Shifters (those who take actions to contribute to build sustainable society):To get the messages to our activities and invite some of them to the summit.
Transmission (media)

*Public Relations Division:
Participants (WSC-SD, from overseas, and Japanese; selection & contact)
Web Forum (participants discussion on the Web before the conference/ open soon)
WSC-SD competition

*Design Division:
Transmission strategy (Web)
Website (English, Japanese)

*Logistics Division:
Flight arrangement
Lodgement/ transport
Culture Night
Site staff

*Content Division:
Fieldwork (sub-division, ASAZA project)
Ice Breaking
Working session (Workshop/discussion)
Seeds for Sustainability (Seeds)

-All participants are required to submit Seeds.
-Some of the Seeds are going to be used for Parallel Discussion on the Day 2nd and 4th of SSS.
-Web-Forum is about to open for all participants.
-Advices and messages are given to us from advisors/shifters.


Japan Youth Summit for Sustainability
Japanese version SSS, is a sister-summit.
This is the one for Japanese living in Japan since not all Japanese can join the SSS.
Organised by another youth community in Japan, in collaboration with UTSC