Student Summit for Sustainability (WSC-SD Annual Meeting 2007)

"Student Summit for Sustainability" is an international conference for students, where the future leaders from different countries or specialities will exchange their opinions, share the concept of global sustainability, and propose their new actions aiming at the creation of a sustainable future. (more...)

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New Messages

Keisuke Hanaki [07.03.02.]
(Professor, Department of Urban Engineering, the University of Tokyo)

Samuel Lee [07.02.25.]
(Secretary General at the Korean National Commission for UNESCO)

Hideyuki Horii [07.02.21.]
(Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo)

Kikujiro Namba [07.02.21.]
(Executive Board Member of Earthwatch Japan)



(Snapshots from AM 2006 in Switzerland)

About WSC-SD

The World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSC-SD) provides the chance to exchange the ideas actively on many important issues around the World, such as the problems of the environment, development and resources. Our annual meeting is an academic one that is held on March every year since the establishment of WSC-SD in 2002.


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